Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weird Dreams Make for a Weird Day

Isn't he cute? :) This was him begging for food at about midnight last night.  He's gotten much more vocal since we moved to College Station.  He hardly ever meowed, but now he does several times a day: to wake me up to feed him and every time I'm in the kitchen.

I got a lot of good feedback on my first blog post.  I'm sorry it was so long.  I really just needed to get the word vomit out and done with on the first posting.  I purposely didn't name my ex, but I know a majority of people reading this either know his name or personally know him/have met him.

When I woke up today, I had a feeling it was going to be odd.  Not bad...just weird.  It's been normal so far so we'll see...and no, I'm not describing my dreams on here.  Still processing them, I think.

I just want to close with a very short rant.  I HATE the term "Santorum Surge."  I watch a ton of political commentary, political shows, and news and everyone says it and it bugs me to no end.  Not only because of the "definition" of Santorum (google it if you don't know what I'm talking about, or click here http://spreadingsantorum.com/), but because I just don't like him.  Oh well.  I'll survive.  Luckily, this primary season has been CRAZY and oh so much fun to watch.

And here's a favorite picture of mine...

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