Friday, February 24, 2012

Making Changes That Count

The past year and half has been insane with the amount of changes and random s**t that's happened to me.  Between relationship stuff, best friend stuff, school stuff, and family stuff (break-ups, new relationships, loss of friend, reconnecting with said friend, graduating, starting grad school, parents moving to CHINA [or Pennsylvania]), my life has been a little hectic.  Because of all that, or maybe just in addition to all that, I've gained weight and I am not happy about it.

Now, I'm not saying I gained a crazy amount of weight or look like I ate a small child or anything, but I don't weigh what I did in high school and it bugs me (<-- understatement).  Last year, I tried to get healthier/lose weight but it didn't really work and this summer just blew any progress I had made out of the water.  However, I'm a lot more committed this time around.  Yeah, I want to lose weight, but losing inches and feeling better about myself will still be just as awesome.  Being healthier in the long run is what ultimately matters to me.

I've been working out 4-5 times a week since the beginning of January and have been eating a lot better and a lot less.  I joined a website called to help keep track of my calories and exercise, and I really like it.  I use the web version and the iPhone app.  Most recently, I got Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVD in the mail this week and have done it for the past two days.  Holy balls, I'm so freaking sore, but it's what I need.  I'm whipping my butt into shape :)  hopefully, I'll start to finally see some results, and hopefully after that, other people will start to notice too.

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