Saturday, July 1, 2017

Grad School Round 2

A year between blog posts.  I should probably be better and more frequent with them.  I wonder how many times I've said that on here (let alone how many times I've said that TO myself in the past year).

As you can see by the post title, I'm going back to school y'all.  Those that have known me for a while may say "but Lizzy/Elizabeth, you already tried that before...and quit."  YES I KNOW.  Ok, I know.  But this time feels different.  It is different.  When I went to A&M after graduating from Baylor, I went for the wrong reasons.  I didn't have a direction in life and thought "oh, Masters in Anthropology is the logical next step from a Bachelors in Anthropology."  I wasn't thinking, "yes, I know what the hell to do with me life."

I don't regret anything I've done in my life (besides some questionable first dates, wardrobe choice, and staying up past my bedtime on certain occasions).  Going to A&M and leaving A&M brought me to where I am today.  I wouldn't have found Pinnacle if I had majored in something different at Baylor, or if I had decided to go to Columbia for grad school.  (My dad STILL brings it up and the last time, I shut him down quite...tersely. I can't change that decision and I don't want to dwell on it.)

This Wednesday, July 5th, will mark my one year anniversary on my project team and one year since CTS dissolved.  My fellow team leads and I outlasted our manager and have all landed on our feet on various teams and departments.  In August, it will be my fourth anniversary at Pinnacle.  At the end of this year, my term on the Advisory Board (Pinnacle's employee-led Board of Directors) will come to a close.  

"Lizzy, what do all your milestones at Pinnacle have to do with you going back to school for your MBA?"  Everything, it has everything to do with it.  I want to advance my career at Pinnacle even more.  And if (God forbid) anything ever happens and I have to part ways with Pinnacle (either my choice or theirs), I want to make sure that I'm fully equipped to land on my feet in the workforce.  

So, just two short weeks after my 4th work-iversary, I start at UHCL.  And I can't freaking wait :)