Monday, March 26, 2012

Why Alcohol and Politics Don't Mix

I mentioned it on Facebook and Twitter Sunday morning, but here's the full story (with pictures at the end) on what happened.

For those of you who have never been to College Station (or who haven't been in 25+ years), there is a part of town, right across the street from campus on University Dr., called Northgate.  It's the part of town with a lot of bars, a few restaurants, and, nightly every weekend, lots of drunk Aggies.  I was out with a few friends and Andrew at the local pub, O'Bannons, drinking, people watching, and just generally hanging out.  In the center of Northgate, across the street from where we were drinking, there is a numbered parking lot where many people park.  It's a high traffic area for vehicles and pedestrians walking to their cars, other establishments, or home.

Andrew and I only paid for two hours and I still needed to read and study, so we didn't want to stay out late.  We said our good-byes and headed back to my car a little before 12:30.  We were in my car because I was wearing a dress and hate climbing in and out of his truck while wearing one (it's not lady-like...and I'm sooooo not graceful).  Andrew was driving home though.  When we get in the car, I looked back and thought my back window had condensation on it because it was so clouded...but there was super low humidity and no condensation anywhere else...I started to freak out and said "Oh my God, is my back window shattered?"  Andrew told me to stay in the car and he got out.  I didn't listen and got out too because I was freaking out.  My back window was shattered!  He went and found a bicycle cop but I knew that were was going to be no point.  No cameras and with thousands of drunk people walking around, no one would be caught.  My back window was shattered because a beer bottle full of dip/chew spit was throw at it from, probably, the sidewalk or road running behind where we parked.  The point of impact was obvious.  The spit was all down my car, and the broken bottle was shattered by my driver's side window.

I wish that it had been a freak drunk idiot, blinding throwing his gross bottle full of spit, but it wasn't.  It's not really a surprise to anyone that know me that I'm a Democrat.  I may not bring it up in certain situations, but if you've ever kept tabs of my online or in school, you'd know.  I'm not ashamed of being a Democrat.  I have an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, a Texans for Obama sticker, and an HRC sticker.  The bottle was thrown because of the first two stickers.  (Side note: I'm almost certain that most Aggie bumpkins don't have a clue what the HRC, let alone what the blue and yellow equal sign sticker means, so I don't think it contributed.)

Both my parents agree that I should probably take the stickers off my car...and I agree.  I hate that I have to.  I hate that I can't express my views without my vehicle being vandalized.  If you disagree with me, then let's have a civilized discussion/debate.  I am vehemently opposed to many Republican figures/politicians/candidates, but I'm not going to vandalize something because of it.  It just frustrates me so much.

If you disagree with other's views, don't be a dick about it.  That may be crude, but it's true.  Be respectful, be open to listening.  You may not come to a understanding, but you can at least agree to disagree and be okay about it.  Ugh, I'll get off my soapbox are the pics.

Oh, and I got it fixed today so all is well...

EDIT: (like 20 minutes after I originally posted this) I want to thank my wonderful boyfriend for carting me around all day yesterday and today.  He's such a sweetheart, such a trooper, and didn't even complain.  He's a keeper :)

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