Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I hate packing

I hate packing for trips, especially when I'm flying.  If you're driving in the car, you have more room for stuff, so there's a less chance you'll forget something.  But when you're flying, you have limited space, limited weight, and limitless opportunity to forget something really important.

I also hate packing to move.  While I'm really excited to be moving at the end of the summer, I am NOT looking forward to packing my stuff.  I am a firm believer that once the stuff you own finds out you're moving, it starts to asexually reproduce.  "How did I end up with 6 rolls of duct tape? Did I really have this many bottles of body spray? Why do I have so many sticky note pads?!? I have too many books..."  Packing will be interesting, but luckily, my wonderful boyfriend will help me out if I need it.  I'm glad that I will be moving into the new apartment first,  (Our leases are a few weeks off from each other) so I get to unpack first.  PINK EVERYWHERE.  Haha, no.  I told him that I wouldn't decorate without his input.  It'll just be less stress to get most of my unpacking done without having to deal with twice as much stuff and boxes being in the way.  As long as Andrew doesn't unpack everything I own indiscriminately while he's helping me without even bothering to put it away before he unpacked the next box, we'll be ok.  Luckily, he's not neurotic like everyone I'm related to by blood and/or marriage.  Don't get me wrong, I love all of my parents to death, but they are all four a perfect storm of awesome craziness.

Also, I'll pay people to help me move my stuff (it'll just be in CS, so nothing like my last move) with gas money (if you don't live in B/CS and come help me move), pizza, and beer.

My cat is going to be so freaked out during the move though...freakout and thoroughly disgruntled.  Wait until he finds out we're probably getting a dog too.  Eeeps, I'll just deal with that when it comes :)

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